F3 friday fracas

abyrneWith the hub-bub over Hawthorne DuFoe in Maggie’s book ((The Red Queen)) I thought I’d take a moment to mention that his book was book II in the F3 series (The Dom’s Diary). While we have not seen the last of Thorne, there is more out there about the Dom that got away.

In other news, I’m futzing some. I have Some Might Call it Magic due out later this year and it is a collection of short stories from the series for those who I do not see a book for in the future. The problem is that as I muck with the shorts, some of the stories are bigger than I think they would be, others I’m wondering if I have story to tell for at all. The bigger ones make me wonder if I should try for a novella for them, the shorters make me cringe and wonder if there is enough to tell to warrant calling it a short at all…

So, here’s where you come in. Of the known characters from books 1 – 3…who’s story do you want? YES, Carolyn’s story is coming, but other than that? I had decided early that the F3 series would be 5 books…now I’m just not sure.

Help please…and check out Thorne’s story:

TDD cover - front


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