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Thankful for Social

It’s monday, Social Media – Savie Monday. Today I have a great post to share that I found. One I’m grateful to have already navigated part of, but one worth sharing just the same. Enjoy.



Not your wednesday post

pizap-com13904227506211-2I know…I’m supposed to post on wednesdays. I missed…again. But, I’m here now, actually with a few things to tell you.

First off, I got the scores back from RomCon with the reader reviews for Warrior’s Watchtower. WW did significantly better than Through the Oracle’s Mist did and landed at 7.5 overall. It takes a composite score of 8 or better to be in the Reader’s Crown, but what a HUGE boost to see the score jump.  At this pace, Kingdom’s Fall should vie for the Crown next year! How exciting to anticipate!!

Next, as some of you are aware, we hit a few bumps when Watchtower first came out of the gate last fall. I’ve heard from more than a couple of you about things that you believed could and would make Watchtower easier to read as the story is expansive and winding. I HEARD YOU. Warrior’s Watchtower will re-release on April 9th with a few minor changes. I am hopeful that these will help readers to navigate the story without feeling like they slipped out of the tale because they needed to discern the voice or setting.

All copies…print and electronic will be updated just prior to this re-release. IF you are among those who read the updated version, I still want to hear from you…Kingdoms Fall is hitting the desk and needs to build from not steer away from the tale that you know. In addition, there will be a release party (re-release party) complete with prizes on April 9th at 6:00 EST. See my fan page on facebook for the where and spread the word!

Lastly, speaking of Kingdoms, there is a pinned post on my fan page wall on facebook asking for some very specific information. I have the great fortune to get to work with a plotting master on Kingdoms and have the opportunity to lay it all before them and get aid sorting it out…if KF is to become half the book I dream it can be, I need some input. PLEASE take a minute and let me know what your thoughts and lingering questions are for the series so far. Part of this third book will be determining if the series will continue beyond it…it just depends on how much story the readers actually want. I want to hear from you.

Social – Saavie

On any given day if you subscribe to enough sites there are some phenomenal insights to writing…Here’s another I found recently.


Crappy first drafts


10454296_361006674073419_7970775334814670469_nWelcome back worders and guests. Today my topic is crappy first drafts…why? Because at the moment that is exactly what I have and exactly what I am hoping to accomplish. The cliché’s are endless…when you begin you aren’t writing, you’re putting sand in a bucket so you can build sand castles later, you can’t edit what isn’t on the page, write drunk – edit sober…I’m sure we’ve all seen them, but let’s face it, the message is the same, put the pen to the page and get to work.

With Watchtower I changed my writing routine completely. I actually took each storyline and wrote it to conclusion then broke it into pieces as I built the book by chapters. It was liberating; and it was scary as hell. With Kingdoms Fall, I’m not sure what I’m doing. I’ve left so much to this one body of work that I cannot find the beginning nor the end. I cannot decide if there will be a book four. I cannot figure out how to get everything that is hanging out into book three, and I’m terrified.

I’m excited to work with a plotter soon. As someone who has always had an innate sense of the story and where it was going next, this feeling of hanging by a hair over the cliff edge to oblivion is unfamiliar and unnerving. Here’s what I know to be true. I am eternally grateful to those who have embraced The Vengelys Series and the characters I have created. I want to tell the story in such a way that you feel like it is either a natural progression or conclusion to the tale.

In the end, I want to know that I told the story the way I needed to tell it and that it is complete. What that translates to is beyond my grasp right now. Whatever it becomes, thanks for coming on the journey.


Savie’s Social Media find

Saw this last week and it is in so many ways the anthesis of motivational…but at the same time perfect motivation too.  Hope you like it!


Some days ya gotta crow…

The Red Queen launched finally late last week. After several long months of struggle to get Margaret to wrap it up so I could take it to print, she sat back and said “That’s all you get…for now.” Yes, there is more to come from our friend Mags but she will have to wait to finish her tale as others are getting their 15 minutes next.

Some Might Call it Magick is slotted to come out at the end of 2015 accomplishing two things; One, getting the release dates back on track, and Two, putting a second F3 series book in your hand this year. I would be a big fat liar if I said this was anything short of daunting! With this in mind…tell me who you want to hear about. Yes, we’ll hear from Thorne, can’t leave him hanging. We’ll may hear from Aaron & Sharilyn, Jade, Remy & Grant, Drew, and perhaps even our latest favorite resident bad boy Bart…I have lots of options and no hard decisions right now. The only one I know for certain is Carolyn who has been patiently waiting to tell her story after Colb left her at the quarterly party.

For the moment though, I want to crow. TRQ is out and Maggie did herself proud. Here’s what readers are saying…

amazon reviewer: I have read Swingers several times and could hardly wait to read The Red Queen. I wanted to get to know who the Red Queen truly was, her upbringing, thoughts and what molded her to become the woman she is today.
This is a must read by a brilliant author. I will be waiting on pins and needles for more in the series.

amazon reviewer: A journey of growth and becoming who we want to be. This is Maggie’s story. Full of emotional highs and lows, Abyrne Mostyn eloquently takes the reader through Maggie’s story, from her childhood, the tragedies, and items in a certain laundry bag that pulled back the curtain giving her a glimpse of what she wanted and helped form who and what she wants to become. Though the Fantasies, Fetishes, & Flesh series is in part, erotica in nature, these stories, especially The Red Queen, are so much more than sex scene after sex scene. So, if you enjoy a story with some HAWT sex scenes intermixed but not the sole focus, then this story is for you!!


amazon reviewer: I’ve read “Swingers” and The Dom’s Diary. Enjoyed both and looked forward to “Red Queen” continuing the story. The Red Queen was not what I expected. It was so much MORE! The book has my sensory perceptions on overload. If you are new to this world, you will gain an understanding that does not cheapen the lifestyle. And if you are already familiar with this world, I think you will enjoy Maggie and her tale.


Thank you to everyone who has read or is reading and sharing Maggie’s tale. I look forward to telling her and Chris’ story in Lock & Key, but again, that will be after SMCIM. Thanks for letting me take my moment!  have a great one.

Worder Wednesday goes aWry

Welcome back!  Actually you were probably here weren’t you and I missed the post last week…50 lashes.  Ugh.  Things have been topsy-turvy at club Aedan lately. As many of you know, I have two teenage daughters. The past 10 days have been ACT’s and PARCC testing along with Military Ball in the middle. I’m amazed I still have hair.

I also got my eyeballs checked, which was great for seeing while driving since they corrected my vision for distance to 20/20 perfect. The challenge came when I wanted to read, because in correcting for distance, I can’t see a damn thing up close…the computer, a book, the tablet I’m writing on – nada. If it were contacts, I could wear the reader glasses from the pharmacy, but you don’t put them over another pair of glasses so I’m in limbo to get that resolved in old specs.

On the writing front, as some have seen on my fan page at facebook, Kingdoms Fall is a mad conflagration on the plot board. I’ve signed up to work with a master plotter and get my crap together to try to ferret out which way this thing goes AND hopefully come to decision on if this is the last of the Vengelys Series or not. From day one this series was only supposed to be three books. The three stories that it started out to be are vastly different from what is coming to pass though, so I cannot say with any degree of confidence where this is going now.

To those of you who love the stories I’m immensely grateful, I’m just a bit in my head about it right now. As with everything else, I’m sure that once I step out of my brain and let the organic of it back in control the path will once again be clear. Writing is like that for me. The more I think about it, the more convoluted and crazy it becomes.

Hope your midweek is a turn for the good! The temps are climbing here and the snow drifted piles are shrinking. It’s a great day to be alive!

Carry on.

Social Savie shifts to Mondays

It it a hard thing to be an aspiring writer. Everything I’m doing is relevant, but no one knows me from the door so why pay attention to anything I am or am not doing? After talking with the powers that be at EBB we have decided to let me merge my wandering posts while I refine my working and hopefully get noticed. 🙂


Meanwhile…here’s some great advice from one of the greats!



Happy Friday! As you may or may not be aware, Maggie’s story The Red Queen has finally dropped! The delays were odd and unforseen, but we have finally seen the whites of her eyes and she is beautiful! Have you grabbed your copy?

The Red Queen is available on Amazon in e-format and the paperback copy is available through Createspace but it will also populate on Amazon in the next short while.

What’s your reaction? What do we think of the cover? If you’ve started reading, what’s your knee-jerk on the story so far? You know me…I want to know these things. 🙂
Lastly, if you read it, please post a review. If you can’t give it three stars or better, I’d like to hear from you. Christopher (and Maggie’s) story continues in Lock & Key in 2016…

Savie goes social

Saturday we found out that someone was using my SSN to file their taxes and thus were preventing mine from being filed. Today, I learned that they were using more than my social, they were using all of my information. Identity theft sucks!

I apologize for my absence for anyone who was looking for a shenanigans post. I didn’t have it in me. As it was also my turn to post the social media link for Monday, that too was missed with my world in a tailspin. So tonight I’m doing both.

I have no fun shenanigans to post, but here’s an interesting link I found online.  Hope you enjoy it.