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F3 – The Red Queen

79,000 words +

that is all. 🙂


Just wording

So, I think I do a pretty decent job of plotting my work. Mind you, I still get surprised by things as they happen, so maybe that makes me a pantster…or oooooh, I’m a hybrid. Whichever the case, I’ve taken a step to see if I can become a solid planner and booked myself into a master class for writers for PLOTTING.

I am hopeful that this will get me on track to crack out an awesome book III in The Vengelys Series as I have stalled a bit. I know where the story needs to go. I know which what happens when, kinda…but there’s an ‘ooomph’ that just hasn’t hit me.

The strange thing on this is that a book I was looking forward to reading has done the same thing to me. Maybe it’s me. So let’s commizzerate…how do you get over the winter writing hump?

Social Media Monday last for February

Great post!


It’s saturday. I want to post some good shenanigans and I’m hopeful to have some by next week. It feels like I’m slipping up when I see Abyrne working away and posting and Aedan doing mostly the same, but I’m new and not known so I don’t know what to do. Suggestions?

Meanwhile, it will be four up and four down today for eye exams, glasses, contacts and optical fun. *Sigh*  I believe I know where all the money goes. 🙂 Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Spring is coming, and I’m researching still for the book, but it’s getting close. Sooooo…suggestions to blog? What new writer stuff is still out there to offer up?

Friday F3 – What’s next?

It’s almost time for Margaret to return to the F3 scene in The Red Queen. As I work to wrap up the book and have everything finalized for it to drop I have been pondering the “What’s next?” question. I think I have an answer for you.

What’s next is Some Might Call it Magick, a flash release from a couple of years ago has the same title. SMCiM will be book 4 in the F3 series and I have decided it will be a collection of shorts. Besides Carolyn and B. Michael, I think we’ll get the story on a few others we’ve encountered in the F3 series and see who, what, or where they are now.

Further, SMCiM will also, (I sincerely hope) be out late in 2015 to get the release schedule for F3 back on track. This is the goal, albeit a soft one at this time. Until I wrap up TRQ and another project I’m working on, I cannot commit to a hard release date. As we saw with TRQ the best laid plans do not always consult with me when they change.

I want to take a moment to say a huge thank you to everyone who has waited and asked about TRQ since Swingers hit way back when. I appreciate your patience while Maggie and I sorted out how this story would be told and got it to the page. Margaret’s story is not a full out erotica read the way The Dom’s Diary was. It is also not an e-serial compilation like the first two books. It is more a coming of age and finding your place in the world tale where our sweet Mags finds hers as The Red Queen. I hope you enjoy her story!

Lastly, I want to say thank you for being willing to morph with me. Each book in the F3 series has been/will be unique. Swingers was the red carpet that opened the door to this world I love. The Dom’s Diary was the shadow and raw edge where the wheat separates from the chafe. The Red Queen is the balance and I hope that comes through for the readers as it has for me. Some Might Call it Magick is shaping up to be the binding pieces to tie the first three stories more solidly together. And, Lock & Key, the final book, is to my thinking the conclusion of where the story was supposed to go from the first word when I didn’t yet know the whole tale. I appreciate every reader and hope that you have learned something on our journey even if it is an appreciation for the complex amid things that seem simple from the outside.

At a time when ‘erotica’ reads are a dime a dozen and a new author is putting out work each day, I hope that these books have given you enough information to know the difference between reading the world and thinking to experience it and what to seek should you choose to try. Safety is not a laughing matter. Security and trust are not catch-phrases. Not all scenes are sexual and not all that use the name Dominant are gentlemen/women. Know the difference. Surrender if you choose, but scene safe!


Wording on Wednesday

Happy happy…for those of you who are. I’m afraid I’m not. I’m seething. As some are aware the US Postal Service lost a fully formatted copy of my manuscript in the priority, insured, tracked post. I cannot see straight.

Nope, not the end of my world, but felt like that at first. Emotionally, this is my child, life of my life, breath of my soul stuff and they don’t seem to fathom that the notion that they have left it in the wind unattended is NOT acceptable.

Sadly, I cannot process at the moment how to come up with anything that resembles clever. I hope you’re having a productive day. Write some for me. I’ll be on hold AGAIN with the postal service.

Social Media Monday again

It’s all about balance…


Savy Shenanigans

It’s Valentine’s Day. Historically speaking it’s not really the warm fuzzy feel good holiday that it has become, but I digress. Today is Hallmark’s big day of the year and the one that drives florists and candy makers toward that magical elusive black financial status if they do it right. Did you help?

Me, I didn’t, but I really never do. Today is Valentines, but it is also the second Saturday of February which is tax day for me. Every year, like clockwork, we forego the Saturday sleep in and head to the accountant to make the numbers work out and hope there’s money coming instead of going. This year, our big gift is noticing that the student loan company sent me a different figure on the interest paid sheet that goes to the IRS from what the last statement of 2014 showed…they under reported me, by about $500. So, though it is the second Saturday of February and I should be all done, now I have to get an amended form and file an amended return because it changes my taxes by almost $100…money TO me.

It is these little detail things that make me crazy and want to settle into my writing but at the same time keep me distracted from writing because I want to rant and rave and scream. That, and it’s really frigid here and I want a steak to celebrate not having to pay in for another year and it’s far too cold for the grill. Somedays it feels like I cannot win.

I of course will sit and write, it’s what has to happen for the work to get done, but I wonder at a bit of happy for a change on this holiday of pink and sweet. What did you do today to celebrate? Are you the hearts and flowers kind? Did you spend your morning tucked in the warm covers and linger because it made you content? Share with us. We want to know. ((and let’s face it, a little happy goes a long way))

F3 – Another TRQ peek

Whatever is Margaret up to now? I thought another peek for the patient waiters while I wrap up the edits would be a good kick start to the hearts & flowers weekend. O’course…nothing hallmark about TRQ. ((apologies for the formatting, seems that we are having consistency issues from program to program))


The woman toyed with her hair and tried to up her stare, leaning back to stand with her hip kicked out.

“For you hot stuff? I’ll let you throw at me for free.”

Margaret laughed out loud, finished her drink and set it down with a nod to the bartender for a refill before locking eyes with the woman, crooking and curling her finger for her to come closer. When the woman finally leaned in, Maggie dropped her voice to the low rumbling timber that Thorne used on her.

“Darlin, if you think for a second that I pay anyone for their privilege of feeling my toys, you are sorely mistaken. I didn’t come to or court you. Pay up or shut up and walk away before I give you a freebie. Feel me?”

The woman’s eyes had grown wider with every word Maggie had spoken. By the time she got to ‘freebie’ the pupils were fully dilated. Maggie was glad she had the Cat or the bluff would have been a lost game as the woman pulled money from a pocket in her wrist cuff and handed it to Maggie.

“What will this get me?”

Maggie unfolded two Grants and looked blankly at the woman thinking. She didn’t want to stay all night. Maybe she could change her mind another way.

“Tonight? About twenty minutes.”

The woman didn’t flinch. Her breathy response made it clear she was sold even if it had been for five minutes.


Put up or shut up genius. Maggie scolded herself. “Follow me.”

Maggie led the woman beyond the nearest drape to the hall of doors. Synchronicity prevailed and the room with the cross was vacant. The woman walked over and stood in from of it as Maggie closed the door. Was she really going to do this?

“Do you need to be restrained?”


“Turn around please.” Guess so.

Her face fell. “But I want to do it this way.”

Oh hell no. “You failed to negotiate that term when you made your deal. Turn or we’re done.”

The woman turned. Someone had to be first. There was just no way Maggie was facing them. She had practiced for weeks, and earlier in the day with Wendy had worked on this scenario. It really was now or chicken. Channeling Thorne she gave the woman one last out.

“Final answer?”

“Final answ…”

Maggie didn’t wait for the second word to carry back to her before pulling back and rolling the Cat forward the way Wendy had taught her.

“…err.” Came out on a breathy, high-pitched, new air intake moan.

Maggie curled under, rolled it again and pulled back opposite the pink stripe of the first throw. The woman let out a soft whimper.


Bart crashed through her thoughts and charged out her mouth.

“You like my toy?” Maggie sneered the last word as she threw again.


She continued as she crossed the pattern over again diagonally, “So, not just for show?”

The woman held the uprights tightly. “No. Not for show.”

“Good girl. I believe that answers your question. Now, not another word unless I tell you to speak.”


Worder date 20140211 (point) 14- author’s blog supplemental.

I am going to flay open the soul of the rat bastage who has off’d with my manuscript. My mission is to locate said hooligan and hang them by their entrails in front of the postal facility they call home.  Cooperation from the grey uniformed collaborators remains unknown.

Did I get your attention? Good. That was the point. This opening statement, much like the first lines of your story need to engage and motivate the reader to continue reading. While the above post is actually based on truth, it was specifically worded to grab your attention and make you wonder enough about what happened to keep going. I don’t know why the Star Trek bend is in there, it just typed itself. Swear.

The short version of the opening above is that a copy of a manuscript is lost in the mail. It is being tracked and fully insured, yet remains unlocateable for some reason. To say my blood pressure is elevated would be calling water wet. I want heads to roll even if that means I have to lace up the bowling shoes to do it myself.

As I spent more hours on the tele with the customer un-assistance division than not today, I apologize for the lateness of my posting. A years worth of writing is in fact on the line in the wind somewhere in the bowels of the mail carriers dungeon and I want it back. No time to waste, it’s my goal for today. Your goal for today, should you choose to accept the mission is to write a kick ass, knock your socks off, grab everyone’s attention opening to something. I really don’t care if it’s for a cereal commercial…just do it.

Write something great today.