Saturday Shenani-again

This week has been a writing re-route. I thought I knew the exact track of the story and then, *woop* just like nothing was amiss, the story detoured on me. I’m not upset by the development, only surprised a bit as I thought I had been quite thorough in my plotting.

My question is this, does this happen to all writers? Or is this the unusual thing that sometimes happens to plotters that’ pantster’ writers have come to expect and perhaps even look forward to? I ask because I am a coordination freak of a sort. Running the home, the social calendar for four and trying to carve out time to write, the idea of sitting down to write without a plan scares the crap out of me.  Am I alone?

The other question I have is what other writers have done, if anything, when the story bait & switch pops up. I want to explore where the tale is going now, but I am wondering if I should try to hold on and just go with it, or if I should revisit my planning/plotting steps first. Best advice?


Oh, and Abyrne?  I like B, C & G.




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