F3 Friday – fan vote

Let’s kick off my Friday run with some feedback. As we get closer to the drop of The Red Queen, it’s time to finalize my cover. These are the images being considered. The cover will be the same black as Swingers and The Dom’s Diary came out to be when we got to print with the single image and title. What do you think? Which to you like?  For those who have been waiting and know a bit about Maggie…which one speaks to you and why? Keep in mind, The message of the cover image is signigicant to those who know the story, but maybe not to those who are just skimming the covers.  What say you? Shout out!



C stock-photo-glass-chess-figures-on-a-board-37981405

D stock-photo-illustration-of-chess-board-with-queen-and-peons-68744569

E stock-photo-symbolic-frame-political-upheaval-chess-on-the-globe-176122451

F stock-photo-symbolic-frame-political-upheaval-chess-pieces-on-a-chess-field-176122403

G stock-photo-three-chess-pieces-the-white-king-white-pawn-and-red-queen-temy-artistic-background-153607922


One response to “F3 Friday – fan vote

  1. daughterofmothermoon

    C and G


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