Worder Wednesday two


Hallooo worders. It’s another Wednesday which makes it once again my turn to post. What do we talk about today?

I want to take a minute to actually draw your attention to my author page at Facebook. Why? Because until saturday night at midnight CST I have an outreach thing going on and time is nearly up.

It’s actually pretty simple: Like the page if you haven’t already, then share the pinned post about the ‘Friends with Benefits January Giveaway’. Anyone who sees your post, goes to the page, likes the page and says they saw your post (commenting on the pinned post) gets themself AND YOU entered into a drawing for prizes.

For the person who saw your post and comments, if their comment is drawn, they are getting a signed copy of Vengelys Book I – THROUGH THE ORACLE’S MIST. For you for sharing, you get your choice of a full size TIMELESS (the BookScents candle made for Through the Oracle’s Mist) OR and ARC of Kingdoms Fall… Book III that is due later this year.  WIN-WIN! And, who doesn’t want to win?

SIMPLE right? I hope you’ll join the fun and get your friends involved to try to win too!  The giveaway is not sponsored by facebook or EBB…it’s all me wanting to share my world with you. JOIN ME!





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