Saturday Shenanigans with Savannah part I

It’s National Read-a-thon day. Happy Saturday to you too.

Saturdays round my world are filled to the brim with everything that has to be done when kids aren’t in school but businesses are still open for such things…lessons, appointments, shopping, and everything it between, but today is the read-a-thon, so I’m trying to wrap up early for a change and get to the book that I picked up special for today. Half Price Books has become my nemesis as I try to work on the story that will debut in just a few short months with Eclectic Bard. The temptation to grab a new hard cover is overwhelming. Do you find that to be true too?

I admit, the idea of cracking open a new cover and diving into another world is one of the few temptations that I break into hives to resist. The idea that just beyond the front cover is a whole new world waiting for me is akin to crack. I have to know. I have to find out what’s in there. To borrow from the borg, resistance is futile.

What is the title that has you working furiously away to reach? For me today, it is a book of conversations with fantasy writers called The Wand in the Word. I’m not a fantasy writer, but to fathom what they think as they create is something I want to understand. They create worlds from scratch and so many times it seems to me without effort. I’m jealous on multiple levels at the abilities.

I have more to read than I will ever find time for, but I keep adding to the group anyway. They call me to complete the mundane which has great value as I loathe mundane. There are great joys to be had between the covers and I want them all. The idea of a TBR pile is laughable for me. I have a TBR room, kindle, and wish list for more. Is this you too? I’d love to know what everyone is reading and what is next on the list to crack open.

But, as the saying goes, I’m not going to get there yet as the hay has to be made while the sun shines (or the clouds blot it out anyway). So, I’m off to dishes and cobwebs, the vacuum and laundry in my quest to join the read-a-thon. What great read will you reward yourself with when you finish your list?




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