Monday – Monday

Good morning! Here we are again with another week before us to make some great writing strides. After checking in with our authors, the posting schedule is coming together nicely and I hope we can get them to start yet this week, or with Monday the 26th at the latest. I know they are all working feverishly to get the pieces done and ready for the next step. I’m just hopeful they don’t all cross the magic tape together or my world will get messy in a hurry.

So, what should you expect from EBB in 2015?

As it stands now, barring any major catastrophes, Abyrne’s third installment of the F3 (fantasies, fetishes & flesh) series, the much-anticipated piece titled THE RED QUEEN should be coming out of the gate first, and soon by the looks of things. Next up should be the debut piece by Savannah. The title remains a mystery to everyone here, her included, but the story has us all excited to see where it goes. In house we are tongue in cheek referring to the piece as CHARMING CHANDLER which is by no means the official title, just how we are referencing it for now. If the loopholes can be closed, we hope to have “Miss Em” (our junior author whose real name cannot yet be released) ready to be introduced and her debut piece DAUGHTER MOON ready to roll out with her introduction to the world by late spring or early fall. I want to say that Aedan’s third installment to The Vengelys Series, KINGDOMS FALL will be out next, but it is distinctly possible that another author we are working with and announcing soon may beat him out for the next release spot on the calendar.  Stay tuned.



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