Putting the band back together…

One of my favorite Blues Brother’s scenes is the cafe counter and Belushi’s face as he states in apparent disbelief, “We’re puttin the band back together…” just before Aretha Franklin breaks out in “Think”.

WHY would this be post worthy? Because we all have goals, agendas and busy lives and now that each of the authors has demonstrated that they can get here and post, it’s time to coordinate the effort and work within the boundaries that we each have in our lives, and give them time to work on the thing that we all love them for…their stories. In other words, we need to THINK about the impacts that daily blogging vs. scheduled blogging will have on those who actually give us a page to bother worth posting from. It is my personal goal to get each of the authors here every week to impart some grain of wisdom. If we as a collective group can fill in the gaps is great, but I think that if we can get each writer to post once a week that we will have new content and something worth checking, without becoming mere page-filler and time-consuming blog content.

Does this work for everyone? I hope so. We will try to have a schedule coordinated within the week so everyone knows when their favorite will be posting next. Though, keep checking back to see what else is new as the page continues to be refined and we hopefully add content and input from the other team members too.



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