I see Abyrne took advantage of having the page open and access to the audience yesterday…which is not what he was on to do, but I’m very glad to see the story that was posted. ‘The Maestro’ really is a tale about taking what you have and working with it to make something amazing which is really what Eclectic Bard Books is all about.

Founded in 2013, what came together initially as a couple of writers trying to forge a way together in publishing has grown to become a way to help more than a few. Teams have been (and continue to be) built that can, and are willing to work together sharing resources, knowledge, ideas, and legwork. The accomplishments of those folks who have jumped in are astounding. On behalf of the authors of Eclectic Bard, I thank each and every team member for the part they have played and continue to play as we move forward and grow. My name is Andrea Kaye. As of March 2014 I am the COO for Eclectic Bard and the grateful benefactor of a company of true collaborators and friends. It is the stuff dreams are made of.

With our first full year under our collective belts, we look forward to some truly great things in 2015. There are currently three events on the agenda for 2015 for the company as a whole; Author Reader Con in New Orleans in late July (where EBB is sponsoring the Sunday brunch cruise on the Natchez Riverboat), Kentuckianna in September, and Great Lakes Book Blast (Kalamazoo Michigan) in October. Keep a watchful eye as we look to add more events for EBB going forward.  Each author also may, at their discretion, go to other signings on their own and we will share that information as it becomes available.

We have a new author debuting in 2015 and have two more we are working to roster in the near future. Again, watch here or the facebook page for news and updates. We have a teen author who is rostered whose information is not being released yet as we learn what the liabilities and restrictions are for working with minors. Rest assured, once we clear those hoops & hurdles we will be crowing about this incredible young author as well.

All in all, 2015 is shaping up to be more new experiences, great joys, opportunities to grow & learn and an endless supply of challenge on the marathon that is this journey. Honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. As we go forward, it is my hope that each of the authors as well as members of their teams will take a turn at sharing a post, story, image, or just a spot of fun for the rest of us to make the site busy and engaging.  For now, check back often as the site gets rounded out with videos, images, and the roster of who’s who gets updated to show the myriad friends who make this an incredible place to be!

Thank you for coming along for the ride and supporting the craft and efforts of the authors we love!







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