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Saturday Shenani-again

This week has been a writing re-route. I thought I knew the exact track of the story and then, *woop* just like nothing was amiss, the story detoured on me. I’m not upset by the development, only surprised a bit as I thought I had been quite thorough in my plotting.

My question is this, does this happen to all writers? Or is this the unusual thing that sometimes happens to plotters that’ pantster’ writers have come to expect and perhaps even look forward to? I ask because I am a coordination freak of a sort. Running the home, the social calendar for four and trying to carve out time to write, the idea of sitting down to write without a plan scares the crap out of me.  Am I alone?

The other question I have is what other writers have done, if anything, when the story bait & switch pops up. I want to explore where the tale is going now, but I am wondering if I should try to hold on and just go with it, or if I should revisit my planning/plotting steps first. Best advice?


Oh, and Abyrne?  I like B, C & G.




F3 Friday – fan vote

Let’s kick off my Friday run with some feedback. As we get closer to the drop of The Red Queen, it’s time to finalize my cover. These are the images being considered. The cover will be the same black as Swingers and The Dom’s Diary came out to be when we got to print with the single image and title. What do you think? Which to you like?  For those who have been waiting and know a bit about Maggie…which one speaks to you and why? Keep in mind, The message of the cover image is signigicant to those who know the story, but maybe not to those who are just skimming the covers.  What say you? Shout out!



C stock-photo-glass-chess-figures-on-a-board-37981405

D stock-photo-illustration-of-chess-board-with-queen-and-peons-68744569

E stock-photo-symbolic-frame-political-upheaval-chess-on-the-globe-176122451

F stock-photo-symbolic-frame-political-upheaval-chess-pieces-on-a-chess-field-176122403

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Worder Wednesday two


Hallooo worders. It’s another Wednesday which makes it once again my turn to post. What do we talk about today?

I want to take a minute to actually draw your attention to my author page at Facebook. Why? Because until saturday night at midnight CST I have an outreach thing going on and time is nearly up.

It’s actually pretty simple: Like the page if you haven’t already, then share the pinned post about the ‘Friends with Benefits January Giveaway’. Anyone who sees your post, goes to the page, likes the page and says they saw your post (commenting on the pinned post) gets themself AND YOU entered into a drawing for prizes.

For the person who saw your post and comments, if their comment is drawn, they are getting a signed copy of Vengelys Book I – THROUGH THE ORACLE’S MIST. For you for sharing, you get your choice of a full size TIMELESS (the BookScents candle made for Through the Oracle’s Mist) OR and ARC of Kingdoms Fall… Book III that is due later this year.  WIN-WIN! And, who doesn’t want to win?

SIMPLE right? I hope you’ll join the fun and get your friends involved to try to win too!  The giveaway is not sponsored by facebook or EBB…it’s all me wanting to share my world with you. JOIN ME!!/AedanByrnes



Social Media Monday – I

Kicking the week off with the KING of writing…

Saturday Shenanigans with Savannah part I

It’s National Read-a-thon day. Happy Saturday to you too.

Saturdays round my world are filled to the brim with everything that has to be done when kids aren’t in school but businesses are still open for such things…lessons, appointments, shopping, and everything it between, but today is the read-a-thon, so I’m trying to wrap up early for a change and get to the book that I picked up special for today. Half Price Books has become my nemesis as I try to work on the story that will debut in just a few short months with Eclectic Bard. The temptation to grab a new hard cover is overwhelming. Do you find that to be true too?

I admit, the idea of cracking open a new cover and diving into another world is one of the few temptations that I break into hives to resist. The idea that just beyond the front cover is a whole new world waiting for me is akin to crack. I have to know. I have to find out what’s in there. To borrow from the borg, resistance is futile.

What is the title that has you working furiously away to reach? For me today, it is a book of conversations with fantasy writers called The Wand in the Word. I’m not a fantasy writer, but to fathom what they think as they create is something I want to understand. They create worlds from scratch and so many times it seems to me without effort. I’m jealous on multiple levels at the abilities.

I have more to read than I will ever find time for, but I keep adding to the group anyway. They call me to complete the mundane which has great value as I loathe mundane. There are great joys to be had between the covers and I want them all. The idea of a TBR pile is laughable for me. I have a TBR room, kindle, and wish list for more. Is this you too? I’d love to know what everyone is reading and what is next on the list to crack open.

But, as the saying goes, I’m not going to get there yet as the hay has to be made while the sun shines (or the clouds blot it out anyway). So, I’m off to dishes and cobwebs, the vacuum and laundry in my quest to join the read-a-thon. What great read will you reward yourself with when you finish your list?



Good News Friday

Abyrne is furiously working on The Red Queen and may or may not be on to tease everyone today with a blog post. We thought we’d take the opportunity to jump on and announce that the details are negotiated and dates are tentatively set for another author to debut in 2015 under the Eclectic Bard Banner. We have also tentatively set them to sign at the EBB table at the Great Lakes Book Bash in the fall!

We are ecstatic to welcome them and could not wait to share the good news! Stay tuned for more information on Ms. J. Aleksander.

Worder Wednesday won (1)

If you’ve been following along, you may have noticed that each of the EBB authors are getting a day, and I think there are others who will be guest posting from time to time. I got Wednesday in the big scuffle. I’m not sure when everyone is starting, but I figured I’d start now and get it rolling. I’m not sure either if someone planned to announce it or not, but here’s what I know about the days.

While initially I think it was going to fall on Sundays, influences and articles from the web are moving to Social Media Mondays. ((no body wanted to think about blogging on Mondays)). Yours truly is hosting Worder Wednesdays. Abyrne is pulling F3 Fridays…which I’m sure you can make the connections, and Savannah is toying with ‘Savy Saturdays’, which leaves Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays as the guest post days or freebies. All in all I think it’s an okay schedule, what do you think?

Moving on,

Yes, I’m aware I mis-typed one in the heading, but I liked the alliteration. In theory, perhaps this will snap me back to getting my own website back on track as I’m afraid that I’m not the blogger type. If I’ve got that many words in me to spill out, I believe I’m grabbing a legal pad and parking for a spell to work on whatever book is in progress. OR, I’m plotting another that happens to be lodged in the frontal lobe. Either way, the idea of sitting a writing out a blog is just beyond my comfort zone. Guess we’ll learn together.

For those who don’t know me, let me begin this thing with an introduction. My name is Aedan Byrnes. I am the author of the Fantasy/Paranormal Vengelys Series. Book I – Through the Oracle’s Mist was published in 2013 by Drake Valley Press. After I moved to Eclectic Bard Books,  Book II – Warrior’s Watchtower was published in 2014. Kingdoms Fall – Vengelys Book III is slotted to come out later this year if I can make up my mind which way the story goes. Right now, a lot of my decision is hinging on the idea of if I want to continue this series beyond book three or if, as was the original plan, The Vengelys series will remain a trilogy.

I have heard from many people along the way and I welcome feedback or comments on this front of stopping or continuing. The thing is, there are tremendous works out there that have this elusive quality of stopping at just the right time. I don’t mean to imply that The Vengelys series is necessarily in that league, though one day I hope to write to that caliber. The notion is that I want to be good at the complete part and stopping when the time is due.

With that, here’s the feedback loop question of the day for those of you who know the series (actually everyone…but some of you will need to grab books I & II before responding.)::

Of the open story lines in The Vengelys Series, which ones are you most anxious to see complete? Which story line that has not been revealed are you still waiting to learn? Generally speaking, what is the perfect number of books in a series and why?

Thanks for reading along.



From the web catch up post

A great post from the web that drives home the social media questions with answers in clear, decisive, plain language. Every writer should read this…




…and then read it again!


Monday – Monday

Good morning! Here we are again with another week before us to make some great writing strides. After checking in with our authors, the posting schedule is coming together nicely and I hope we can get them to start yet this week, or with Monday the 26th at the latest. I know they are all working feverishly to get the pieces done and ready for the next step. I’m just hopeful they don’t all cross the magic tape together or my world will get messy in a hurry.

So, what should you expect from EBB in 2015?

As it stands now, barring any major catastrophes, Abyrne’s third installment of the F3 (fantasies, fetishes & flesh) series, the much-anticipated piece titled THE RED QUEEN should be coming out of the gate first, and soon by the looks of things. Next up should be the debut piece by Savannah. The title remains a mystery to everyone here, her included, but the story has us all excited to see where it goes. In house we are tongue in cheek referring to the piece as CHARMING CHANDLER which is by no means the official title, just how we are referencing it for now. If the loopholes can be closed, we hope to have “Miss Em” (our junior author whose real name cannot yet be released) ready to be introduced and her debut piece DAUGHTER MOON ready to roll out with her introduction to the world by late spring or early fall. I want to say that Aedan’s third installment to The Vengelys Series, KINGDOMS FALL will be out next, but it is distinctly possible that another author we are working with and announcing soon may beat him out for the next release spot on the calendar.  Stay tuned.


“Very” interesting…

Found this article today surfing about and thought it was both timely and necessary.  Check it out!