When inspiration eludes you

There is nothing more frustrating than looking at your computer seeing that cursor blinking at you having nothing come to mind. It is not really writers block. You know what you want to say, you just don’t know how to put it on the page.

That is when inspiration eludes you. I have so many ideas running around in my head. It is almost causing a traffic jam. This is the time that you have to decide to either focus on one project or work on multiple ones.

Whichever of these methods works better for you, it will most likely help to get your mind less cluttered. I find that if I can get some of it down I can focus a little better and then I can clean it up and inspiration then strikes and I can move on and the projects take off.

If I have too much vying for my attention it is hard for me to focus on anything. Inspiration can be fickle. As long as you don’t try and force it, though, it can always be found.


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In the life of … me

I’m closing in on the ending of Book 3 of the Kindred series, A Destiny Denied, when I hit a snag … of sorts. All of my chapter notes have been accounted for. Everything is in place, but it’s not flowing together. I’m not AT the end, but close. And I’m not 100% sure what it’s going to take to get it where I want. Temporary solution … walk away.

On the heels of that decision, one of my friends messaged me her manuscript was ready for the beta read.  To my way of thinking, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Something different to focus on, and a sure way to put some distance between me and Destiny. Just a heads up, if you haven’t read anything by Zanzibar 7. Schwarznegger, look it up. You’ll be in for a treat.

Today, I have a Local Authors Fair I’m attending as a guest author. There will be almost twenty writers, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to meet other locals and new readers. The last one went so well, my expectations are high on this one too. Hopefully, I won’t be disappointed. I’ll let you know how it goes next week.

Until then, read a good book or three,

~ Madison


Perchance to Dream

Everyone has dreams, the kind of dreams that are of things they want to accomplish, obtain, become. I once dreamed of being a dancer on the stage. I accomplished that goal. It didn’t last as long as I had hoped it would, but I had my moments on the stage. I felt my soul take flight with every leap, and I was free from all thoughts and constraints of life outside the stage doors. It was glorious.

I could have gone back to the stage after I had my son, but I couldn’t justify, to myself, the amount of time away that working, rehearsals, and performances would have required. And that’s alright, because becoming a mother wasn’t something I was planning on, but had dreamed of being when I was little. Probably why I loved baby dolls, but loathed Barbies. lol  A different part of my soul took flight when looked into his eyes…and still does.

I’d embarked on the journey to becoming a writer. It started out with doing NaNoWriMo…just to see if I could do it, and because some of my friends were doing it too. Sometimes courage is found in having like minds trying to achieve the same goal you are. I didn’t think anyone would ever read that story, nor that I would someday be published. It was but a dream.

Dreams do come true, though. I expanded and finished that story that started out as a NaNo “let’s see if we have the chops to write” story and Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams has been published.  I’m working on the second book of the series. I have to admit…the second book is harder for me to write. It’s been a struggle. Not because the story isn’t there, it is. I have to find the words to convey what I see in my head. I tend to  overthink scenes instead of spewing it out onto the page to edit later. I want it as close to perfect as I type it as it can be before revisions and edits take place. And sometimes, I have to get out of my own head. Stumbling blocks, I’m convinced, are sometimes of our own making.

To share your dreams with others is scary. It’s sharing a part of your soul that isn’t normally seen until you put your work on display for others to view and judge. No doubt about it, working for your dreams are hard, but then nothing worthwhile ever comes easy and the rewards for achieving said dreams are sweet, So you can either keep dreaming with your eyes closed, or you can open your eyes and work your butt off for them, because they will never come true if you just sit around and daydream about what you want most.

Until next week….Happy Reading!


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Darkness is only one unknown

They say we are afraid of the darkness because it is a vivid realization of the unknown before us. Darkness however is not the only unknown. There are plenty, though we couch them in softer words.

Last night, my daughter’s car would not start. For me this was an unknown, but not a fear unless you count the nervous moments waiting to know that she was safely back inside, no longer alone, and waiting for someone to pick her up. This morning, the car also did not start, a major headache, but again not a fear…just an annoyance.

Another example is that I am working on a Paranormal FF piece for an anthology…not exactly in my normal wheelhouse, but I’ll give it a go. Fear? No, more uncertainty at the piece being passable for the larger work. I never want to be seen as the weakest link. All of these are unknowns of a sort, but they are not fears unless I allow them to be.

What’s my point? My point is I think the presumption is wrong. I don’t think we are afraid of the dark because it represents the unknown. I think some are afraid of the darkness because they know what lies within it. The power over us does not stem from the darkness or the unknown…it is the things that we know and hold closest to our heart that have the power to undo us.

Halloween is coming…will you venture out in the dark?


When life gets in the way

We all have busy lives. What we have to remember is to make time to get the important things done. Between the day job, kids, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and the daily chores, sometimes writing and editing gets put on the back burner.

When I do get to the writing and editing I feel so much better. It is my outlet. It is what I love to do. I have started to make sure that I make time for my writing. It is important to me so it needs to be a priority. Yes, life gets in the way, but writing is part of my life.

Always make time for what is important to you in your life!


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Writing Sex Scenes … fun and games?

This week has been pretty quiet. I’ve managed to get some writing in every evening and I’m pleased with the way the story is coming along. Then I hit the part I had been dreading. The sex scene. I’ve written several sex scenes already in the Kindred series, and hadn’t had any issues with any of them. I wrote one short story, which had a couple of scenes in it, but they weren’t near as steamy as my series. Another short story I wrote, ‘A Daemon’s Desire’, had no sex in it at all. So what was my issue with this upcoming scene? Why am I having issues with it? Had the short stories with little or no sex in them dampened my taste for titillation?

In the short time I’ve been writing, I’ve learned something about myself. I don’t have a problem with sex. I like it. And I don’t mind talking about sex, either. But when it comes to writing a sex scene, I’d rather write about a bloody battle between warring werewolves and shapeshifters. It’s not near as draining.

Writing a sex scene is:

  1. Tricky. You have to make sure the people involved can actually move their body parts in the described way.
  2. Emotional. I’m writing romance here, LOTS of emotion. I want heartfelt feelings, but nothing too sappy. It’s a balancing act.
  3. Challenging. Again, I’m trying to write romantic sex scenes. I don’t want to use words that to my mind are lewd and crude. So I need other words that mean the same thing, but don’t sound… nasty. Yeah, it’s a challenge.

I knew one of my problems, and that was the character I was writing about. She is very loosely based on my own daughter. Face it, you don’t want to think about your own kid having sex, much less writing a detailed scene of them doing the big nasty.

My plans for the Kindred series were mapped out from the beginning. Book 1 was Quinn and Torie’s story. Each book thereafter would deal with two warriors and their mates. One couple would be the main story with the title and cover bearing their tale. The other couple would be secondary. Alexis’ story was always meant to be the secondary one, which it is. But there is still the claiming and if one of the couple is human, the conversion … two sex scenes. I put it off as long as I could. Now the time has come and I’m still staring at blank pages or half written ones. For days now, I’ve highlighted in yellow ‘To Be Continued’ and focused on other scenes. Unfortunately, if I want to finish the book, I need to finish these scenes so the characters can get on with their lives. *sigh* I have never been one to procrastinate … until now. Even writing this blog. My manuscript is up on my screen peeking at me behind the blog. It waits for me. It taunts me. I’m going to have to deal with it. I guess that time is now.

Till next week,

~ Madison

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Go out with a BANG!

This past Saturday was my last live signing event of 2016. I didn’t realize how ready I was for it to end until it was done, but wow, what a way to go!! Kimberly Beale and her staff put on an incredible inaugural Glass City event, and set a high bar for years to come. KUDOS to them!!

I got to hang with so many readers and authors that I’ve encountered at other events over the last 12 – 15 months or so, I sometimes didn’t know which way I was going trying to keep up dancing on the fringe of all the groups. It was a whirlwind, in all the best ways. Catching up with friends from Kalamazoo and New Orleans from last year as well as Atlanta, Savannah, Peoria, and Biloxi from earlier this year…it was like a big year in review reunion and so much fun my sides still hurt. Unequivocally the best way to wrap up my 2016 signing year.

I still have more than a handful of author takeovers and other online events to go, but the travel is done for now and I’m grateful for that, as is my car. New tires, battery, brakes, coil spring, and a gas tank/under suspension mount is more than enough maintenance for one year. I think we’re both ready for the break.🙂

I have some editing coming in, some writing going out, and have the time now to work with a new designer I met at Penned to see what we can put together for some ideas that are pinging my brain. The weather is crisp and ripe for the leaves to start their change-over, a time that always mellows me out to write, and I have only a short list of projects around the house left to distract me, a significant change from the first half of the year where everything came in slamming droves.

2017 is shaping up to be busy, but in different ways that ’16 was. I look forward to the challenge, but can wait for their arrival. For now, I’m pulling the string on the party-popper for my 2016 signing season. Thanks for the memories.


When to move on

We are always told we have to fight for what we want. That is true. There also comes a time, though, when we have to think about what we really want. We all know what our end goal is. That does not always mean that everything we thought would come with it will be there.

We have to fight for the things that really matter but sometimes we have to let go of the things aren’t necessary. We have to recognize when it is time to give up the fight and move on. That can be the most difficult thing to face. To admit that you have to give up something you put your time and energy in to. Something you pinned your hope on. That doesn’t mean it didn’t serve it’s purpose on your journey, it only means that it’s purpose is done. Now it is time for you to move on to your next phase.

I have always been a fighter. I have never been very good at giving up on a fight even when I have seen it was a time to give up. I could clearly see that I would lose but I would go down fighting. The older I get the more that I see there is no point in that. I can now see when it is time to move on to something new. When something has served it purpose in my life I can smile and be thankful for the good and part on good terms instead of burning a bridge that has no reason to be burned.

This is an important lesson to be learned in the book world. As you make connections and network you can always go back to people that you have met in the past. You may not have talked that person in years but as long as you did not burn that bridge you can still talk to them and have a nice conversation and talk books at the next event you run into them again. There is no tension and there is no problem with not getting to go to an event you want to go to because of a feud.

Words said in anger will haunt you. Fighting for the sake of fighting will only hurt you in the long run. Learning when to move on is what will make you the happiest. Not everyone will understand this, but it is not for everyone to understand. It is for you to be happy with your life.


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The Magic of Books

Last Saturday I left you about to attend a small event held at the main library in my hometown. To be very honest, I wasn’t expecting much. I had gone to one Meet and Greet at another library, and other than a few friends showing up to support me, it had been a disappointment.

This one turned out to be different. I had been in touch with the library’s public relation person and knew they were expecting eleven authors. It doesn’t begin to compare to the signing events others attend, this was strictly local authors from my area, and I was pleased with the numbers. Corralling my sister into being my PA for the day, we met up at the library early. We caught the proverbial worm, having our choice of tables. It didn’t take long to set up, so we were able to visit with the other authors as they showed up.

I am sorry to say it has been a very long time since I’ve been to the library as a patron. I was amazed at how many people walked through the doors. Not just people for the event, but everyday people taking their kids to the library on a Saturday. Thankfully, there was a lot of traffic for the event too. I sold all of my books except for one, and donated it to the library before I left.

Besides meeting new readers and greeting old friends, I was able to visit with the other authors there. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked chatting, but we exchanged cards and added each other to our Facebook pages.

In two weeks, there will be another Author’s Fair at another library in a different parish. Many of us are planning on being there. I look forward to seeing them again and hopefully getting to know them better. It’s also another chance to meet new readers.

Books are a special bonding magic. Every friend I’ve ever made because of books has turned into a lifetime friend. Share your love of books with a friend. You’ll never regret it.

Until next week,

~ Madison


Last Road Trip

I have one last road trip to a book signing this coming weekend. I have to admit, I’m pretty excited and was over the moon when I managed to get off the wait-list to attend.

This week, though, has been totally crazy busy. I’ve been staying off of social media for the most part and pounding out words on my WIP at the little writing area I set up in my room. Frankly, though I hardly watched it in the living room, the TV was always on providing background noise and was too often a distraction. There are no such distractions in my room. Just the occasional pop in in from the child wanting to know what I’m writing. He seems satisfied with the fact that it’s not for him and not an explanation of what it actually is. lol

Anyway…I need to get back to the writing thing and sometime in the next day or two, pack for the last road trip of the year with my bestie. If you’re in the Toledo area on Saturday, stop by the Glass City Author Event at the Toledo Seagate Convention Center, 401 Jefferson Ave, Toledo, Ohio.

Until Next Week…Happy Reading!



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